技术参数Specifications CA6140 CA6140B CA6240 CA6240B
床身更大工件直径Max. Swing over bed 400mm
刀架上更大工件直径Max. Swing over carriage 210mm
马鞍槽更大工件直径Max. swing in gap -- 630mm
马鞍槽有效长度Effective gap length -- 210mm
更大工件长度Max. length of work piece 750mm/1000mm/1500mm/2000mm/2200mm/3000mm/4000mm
床身宽度Width of bed 400mm
刀杆截面Section of turning tool 25x25mm
主轴 主轴转速范围Spindle speeds 10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24steps)
Spindle 主轴内孔Hole through spindle 52mm.(80mm). [105mm]
  主轴孔锥度Spindle taper 莫式NO.6(MT6)(Φ90 1:20)[Φ113 1:20]
进给 进给数量Number of feeds 64种(kinds)(for each)
Feed 公制螺纹Range of metric threads(kinds) (1-96mm)44种(44kinds)
  英制螺纹Range of inch threads(kinds) (2-24tpi)21种(21kinds)
  模数螺纹Range of module threads(kinds) 0.25-48(模数39种)(Moduie39kinds)
  径节螺纹Range of  pitch threads(kinds) 1-96DP(37种)(37kinds)
尾座 尾座主轴更大行程Max. tail stock spindle travel 150mm
Tailstock 尾座主轴直径Tail stock spindle diameter 75mm
  尾座主轴孔锥度Taper of tail stock spindle center hole 莫氏NO.5(MT5)
主电机Main motor 7.5KW(10HP)
包装尺寸 Overall dimensions for750mm 2550x1140x1750
Packing dimensions (L*W*Hmm) Overall dimensions for1000mm 2700x1140x1750
  Overall dimensions for1500mm 3200x1140x1750
  Overall dimensions for2000mm 3700x1140x1750
  Overall dimensions for2200mm 4030x1140x1750
  Overall dimensions for3000mm 4850x1140x1750
  Overall dimensions for4000mm 5800x1140x1750
重量 Length 毛重  净重
Weight (kg) G.W  N.W.
  Weight for 750mm 2100  1990
  Weight for 1000mm 2190  2070
  Weight for 1500mm 2350  2220
  Weight for 2000mm 2720  2570
  Weight for 2200mm 2800  2600
  Weight for 3000mm 3300  3200
  Weight for 4000mm 3500  3400

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